Stage 1: Token launch

⦿ Funding rounds First investment round with private contacts.
⦿ Token launch In the fourthquarter of 2022 the token is officialy launched.
⦿ CMC & CG listing Coinmarketcap and Coingecko listings will quickly follow.
⦿ Development App In the meantime, the development of the dApp has its kick off.
⦿ dApp marketing Marketing for dApp before launch.

Stage 2: BETA

⦿ Audit dApp and smart contract will be audited.
⦿ dApp launch The audited Zibby dApp [BETA] is released.
⦿ Staking Staking pool will be active.
⦿ Full scale marketing The launch of the Zibby dApp is accompanied full scale marketing.

Stage 3: dApp launch

⦿ Mainnet launch After testing the beta, the mainnet is launched. ⦿ Adding more token utilities The ZIB token inherits more utilities to further incentive investing, holding and using the assets.
⦿ Bridge integration Bridge for tokens will be released on dashboard.
⦿ Adding ETH network Finally, Zibby is bridged to ERC20 for a wider reach.

Stage 4: Expanding

⦿ Expanding to more networks Zibby is updated to support multiple network trading.
⦿ Marketing partnerships Partnerships are entered to further increase exposure.
⦿ iOS & Android intergration The dashboard will be usable on iOS & Android.
⦿ CEX Listings Zibby is listed on various centralized exchanges to again expand Zibby's reach.