DEX trading is fully adopted by native crypto users. But still there are more users on CEXs than on DEXs, but the latter is expected to eventually overtake the former when it reaches its full potential. DEXs are built on the main shortcoming of the CEXs, but there are still many issues that need to be resolved in order for DEXs to achieve their full potential.
DEX trading is still too complex. It requires a lot of time and effort to track transactions and manage your portfolio. Keeping a track of your activities is difficult without clear information. The trader has to hop to different websites to get all needed information. This leads to traders making unnecessary mistakes, which leads to bad trades. Another issue that can prevent a trader from making a successful trade on the DEX is the lack of various order types. Further, with the increasing tokens that are being launched daily, there have been a lot of fraudulent tokens. There is a high risk of being scammed.
Through the platform of Zibby, -which is a decentralized exchange aggregator- a revolutionary solution is provided for DEX traders. This is done by offering advanced order types such as limit and stop-limit orders, by making it easier to manage the token & NFT portfolio, and by giving a clear overview of their trading activities and order information. Zibby eliminates the complexity of DEX trading and provides a complete end-to-end solution for all of the trader’s needs.
Zibby, powered by the ZIB-token, is here to to unleash the full potential of DEX trading and will facilitate further migration of users from CEXs to DEXs. Zibby makes DEX trading accessible for the bigger crowd by decentralizing the effectiveness and simplicity of CEXs.