Sub features

Live chat

Within the dashboard the user is able to chat live with other users about the selected token. The live chat is created for socializing with people who are interested in the same project. Our chat is unique in its own way. One is able to share ideas and advice to other traders and users of the chat about the project. Zibby brings the community per project together. This only will be available if the Zibby security program will detect audited & KYC’ed projects. There also will be an open community chat for Zibby, where users can discuss and talk about crypto in general.

Alert notifications

One is able to set an alert for a token at a desired price. The notifications will appear even if the user is offline. This can be set for desktop, mobile or both. One is able to be alerted for different options. The options are:
  • Set a specific price alert
  • Limit order is executed
  • Stop loss is triggered
  • There is a big price movement on a specific token

Token analyses

It is always nice to have the necessary information at your fingertips while trading or searching for a token. The information will be available in the dashboard whenever you select a token.
Available information is:
  • Wallet address
  • Total supply
  • Current market cap
  • LP holdings
  • Holders
Trending tokens are available above the selected charts. The tokens are not the top 100 tokens that are currently trending. The highlighted tokens are from the trending tokens traded in that blockchain network.

Custom layout

Zibby gives the option to have a custom layout for Zibby. One is able to move the chart, transactions, portfolio and all the other sections to a desired place on the dashboard. This option gives the users a personalized feeling for the dashboard, with this you can make the dashboard your own.


While trading one is able to keep track of their favorite tokens on the wishlist. The wishlist is available on the trading section and on the portfolio section. Tokens will be pinned automatically to the wishlist if a price alert is set.

Advanced token filter

When searching tokens one is able to enable advanced token filters to search more specific projects. There are many filters on which to base your search. E.g. you can search on the market cap, project audited or not, team KYC, liquidity pool locked, different DEXs to search on, volume (24h) and more detailed filters will be added in time.


Zibby gives the possibility to bridge between different blockchains. With this it is easier to trade on the dashboard without accessing other websites or apps for a easy transaction.